Frequently Asked Questions


Can I only go to the Festival if my school is going?

The Festival is open to all Middle School and High School students from any type of school or homeschool. You can be the only student representing your school! We do ask that when you register you let us know your school association and director's name.

What does the registration fee cover?

The $15 registration fee includes registration in monologue competition & Online Festival Workshop. 

What happens at the awards ceremony?

Judges will select the  top performers in and these videos will be shown at the awards. Awards will be announced and medals will be mailed to winners. 

Who are the judges?

Graduate theatre students and professors from Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University along with professional Shakespearean performers will serve as judges. 

How many contests can I enter?

Students may only submit  one monologue for the festival. Middle School students must submit a middle school selection. High school students may choose monologue from the six offerings. Does not have to be gender specific.

How can I best prepare for the Festival?

Get your lines memorized! Make sure you know what the words mean. Create believable characters with dynamic blocking. Give it your all!